Return to School

This is the section for all our return to school supports for parents & children. 

Seamus Vaughan, Principal

St. Dominic’s Return to School Information (updated March 2021)

  1. Return to School Logistics Plan (15th March 2021)
  2. St Dominic’s NS COVID-19 Response Plan (March 2021)
  3. Return to School Newsletter (11th March)
  4. COVID-19 Plan Summary for Parents
  5. St Dominic’s Classroom Layout
  6. Door Numbers and yard areas
  7. St Dominic’s COVID Risk Assessment (March 2021)

Department of Education & HSE Return to School Information (updated March 2021)

  1. Letter from Deputy Chief Medical Officer to Parents
  2. Letter to parents and guardians (Minister for Education) 24 Feb
  3. Information for Parents (Multi-lingual)
  4. Safe School Advice for Parents
  5. Returning to Primary Schools (Junior Infants – 2nd Class)
  6. Updated Ventilation Guidance
  7. Wellbeing advice and resources during COVID-19

Isolation Quick Guide

These are very useful documents for parents. It expains what to do when a child or adult has symptoms:

Isolation quick guide (Children)

Isolation quick guide (Adults)

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) has provided a compehensive pathway for COVID-19. It should be reviewed carefully if you are woried about you child having symptoms. It will explain the actions you must take. It also provides details on a what happens if a child is sent for testing or has tested positive. Please note: At all times we must protect the privacy of our pupils and staff. At no time, will we disclose the health condition of an individual pupil or a member of staff. We will follow the adcive from public health teams with regard to the notification procedure.

The HPSC document is available here: Schools Pathway for Covid-19 – the Public Health approach – Aug 2020

Supports for Parents


Supports for Children

Here you can have a look at some of the changes to our school:

Supports for Staff / Parents / ChildrenNational Educational Psychological Service (NEPS)