Energy Audit

During the last week of school in December, four of our Green School committee braved the elements every morning and afternoon to record the meter readings for the electricity and gas. These meter readings tell us how much gas and electricity was used during the school day and after school.Mr Vaughan gave our reps a …

Maths Stations in 1st Class

Every Friday in Ms Clarke and Ms Hegarty’s class we have maths Stations. One station works on number, another station works on mental maths and the final station works on the topic of the week. This week the class are learning to add three numbers. Each group rotates after 10 minutes. Lots of fun for …

5th Class Maths Project

Eleven pupils in Ms Tighe’s 5th class have taken on the challenge of putting together a proposal for a class Hallowe’en party. With it being Maths week this week, there are lots of problem solving and calculations required across the different stands. On Friday we will have a Dragons’ Den style presentation of proposals to …

Odd and Even Street

Ms Tighe’s first class have been busy learning about ordinal numbers and how to recognise odd and even numbers. Linking in with their geography topic on homes they designed houses to form a street with even numbered houses on one side and odd numbered houses on the other.

Maths stations fun in first class

Ms Tighe’s 1st class are having great fun today doing different stations for maths. While having fun they are doing lots of counting, writing numbers and identifying numbers in different ways.