Jessica the Archaeologist – Rang 4

4th Class have been learning about archaeology in History and English over the past week. Archaeology is the study of the past by examining things left behind by people who lived long ago. You can learn more about archaeology here. The picture… Read More

4th Class Maths Trail in Seán Walsh Park

Last Thursday, our 4th Class went on a Maths Trail in our local park, Seán Walsh Park. The boys and girls learned about shapes, angles, multiplication and other maths ideas in the glorious sunshine. The details of the Maths Trail are at… Read More

If a tree could talk… 4th Class

As part of National Tree Week, our 4th class wrote stories last week for Creative Writing homework. The stories all have the same opening line; “If a tree could talk, it would say…” Check out some of our excellent work! There are… Read More