A busy week for 5th Class

We had a busy week gone by in 5th Class. On Monday, we walked to the library for the Big Bear Planetarium experience. Here we learned about the moon and the Google Lunar Xprize, where teams are trying to land their rockets and rovers on the moon!

On Wednesday, we went to the Fighting Words writing workshop in Glencree. As a Class, with help from the writers, illustrators and editors, we wrote our own story and even had it published by the editors! We were in shock when the book arrived so quickly from the courier. Each author in the class got their own book with space to continue their interesting stories.

Our Irish dancing star!

Huge congratulations to Grace Haide from Ms Farrelly’s 4th class who competed in the Dublin Regional Championships of Irish Dancing on Friday. She did us all very proud, I have a feeling we have a future star on our hands. Well done Grace!

Movie Night Hamper for Adults

We hope you are all looking forward to our movie night this week. One of our very generous parents has donated a fabulous adults hamper. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the office and at the movie night door. We will announce the winner on Friday. This hamper must be collected by an adult.