3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Videos 4 and 5 – Tymon Esker and Ainmhithe Áitiúla

We have two more videos in our Local Studies series for pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class.

The first covers the amazing story of Tymon Esker beside the National Basketball Arena. Oh the day we visited, there weren’t many flowers to see – but this meadow will go into bloom in the next week or two. Be sure to send your teacher a picture if you are down there and to look out for amazing flowers and wildlife.

Video 4 – Tymon Esker

Our next video is a mixture of Science (Living Things) and Gaeilge. Pupils should use a pen/pencil and paper or the work packs sent by some of the teachers for this. See how many words you can get. Pupils can use Teanglann.ie to look up any new words. Bain sult as (enjoy it)!

Video 5 – Ainmhithe Áitiúla (Local Animals)

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Videos 2 and 3 – The Dodder Weir and City Watercourse

Our local studies for 3rd to 6th class continue with two videos about the Dodder Weir at Firhouse and the City Watercourse.

These videos look at the history of how water from the River Dodder was used to give Dublin it’s drinking water, as well as a story of how a wealthy landowner living locally used this watercourse to help get his nephew off a terrible crime.

Pupils from these classes should check with their teachers for worksheets or other homework that goes with these videos.

Video 2 – The Dodder Weir and City Watercourse
Video 3 – Blackmail at the Watercourse

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Video 1 – The River Dodder

Our teachers from 3rd to 6th class have been busy preparing a series of video lessons on local history, geography and science topics. These videos were filmed by Ms Soffe and Mr Looney in recent days in areas within a 5km radius of the school.

We will put one or two videos up every day this week and next. Our pupils in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class will be sent work on these videos by their teachers. Other pupils and parents are also welcome to watch the videos. Hopefully we will all learn something about our wonderful local area.

Our first video is about the River Dodder and asks what uses there are for a river.

Active Home Week 🏆

Well done to everyone who participated in ‘Active Home Week’! We were so impressed with how much involvement there was all week and how inventive you were when thinking of how to be active in the space that you had available! Your hard work will go a long way in helping us achieve our active flag next year! Well done to the winners of the goodie bags, we wish we could have given one to everyone! Below are some photos that we received, take a look and remember to stay active!

Internet Safety

Schooldays.ie has some excellent tips for parents on internet safety. They also explain many of the apps children are using, how they work and where there may be dangers. Click on the link below to view:


Final Active Home Week Challenge

Thanks to the hundreds of pupils and parents who have taken part in Active Home Week. Thanks to to all our staff who have taken part in activities, and filmed ten great challenges for you to try at home. Here’s our final one from Ms Mulligan. Give it a go!

Don’t forget to send in your completed Challenge Charts on Sunday, and to keep the pics and videos coming in. Good luck!

Active Home Week – The Dance Video and Challenge 9

Active Home Week continues until Sunday. We hope everyone keeps going through the weekend. Here’s our ninth challenge from Ms Tighe – a great fun game for all the family at home!

Challenge 9 – Ms Tighe

You may have seen the premiere of our Active Home Week Dance Video at the School Assembly earlier today. If you missed it, or want to see it again, check it out below. Huge thanks to Ms Ormsby for coordinating and making the video, and to the dozens of pupils and families who took part. It’s sure to put a smile on your face!

Active Home Week – Challenges 7 & 8

Ms Hegarty has sent in two great challenges for Friday. A reminder that Active Home Week continues until Sunday – so we’ll have a few more challenges over the weekend. Keep your eye on the School Assembly tomorrow for lots of videos and pictures of our pupils in action!

Challenge 7 – The Cha Cha Plank
Challenge 8 – The Jolene Challenge

Active Home Week – Challenges 6 & 7

Keep up the good work with Active Home Week. Don’t forget to fill in your Challenge Charts!

Today’s staff challenges come from Ms G O’Reilly. You can try the first one with toilet rolls.

Challenge 6 – Ms G O’Reilly

Or you can give Challenge 7 a go with tennis balls. Parents – don’t forget to send in a video or picture of your kids keeping busy at being active!