Dominic’s Got Talent 2020 – Well Done!

A big well done to all the participants of Dominic’s Got Talent 2020. It was excellent to see the wide variety of talents our pupils have. There were lots of fantastic acts including singing, dancing and much more. Well done to our top 3 as voted by our 6th class pupils:

In 3rd place – Aiseya in 2nd Class

In 2nd place – Lexi in 3rd Class

In 1st place – Adriana in 2nd Class!

Well done to everyone who entered! img_2454

Dominic’s Got Talent this Friday!

The ‘Dominic’s Got Talent’ finals will be taking place this Friday at 12pm in place of our usual Assembly. Please keep an eye on your school email address for a link. There are lots of fantastic entries from everyone but unfortunately we will only be able to show one from each class. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and we hope everyone enjoys the showcase of our pupils’ many talents!

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Final Video – The Priory and Tallaght Castle

Thanks to everyone who has engaged with our local history, geography and science videos over the past two weeks. We hope our pupils and parents learned a little about the great local area we live in.

Tallaght Castle

Our final video is about The Priory and Tallaght Castle, an ancient castle which stood at the site. You can still see one of the 14th century castle towers at the back of the Priory.

Video 13 – The Priory

Mr Looney has also made a series of videos responding to questions from pupils about local history, geography and science. You can see these in a thread on the class twitter account at this link. You don’t need an account to view these.

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Video 12 – The Dancers and Katharine Tynan

Our second-last video of the SESE Local Studies focus is on the statue in Tallaght Village called The Dancers, and Katharine Tynan, the subject of the small pocket park in the village. We are setting pupils a challenge to submit art work, poetry or other creative work based on the statue.

Video 12 – Katharine Tynan and The Dancers

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Video 11 – The Battle of Tallaght

Our latest video focuses on local history and the story of the Battle of Tallaght which took place 153 years ago. Our senior pupils can submit any questions on local history, geography or science to their teacher for the final video which is currently being made.

Video 11 – The Battle of Tallaght

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Videos 9 and 10 – St Maelruain’s Churchyard

Our SESE Local Studies for 3rd to 6th class continue with a look at some of the graves and other interesting features in the churchyard of St Maelruain’s in Tallaght Village.

Pupils are encouraged to send in any questions on local history, geography or science to their teacher for the final video of the series on Friday.

St Maelruain’s Losset

Video 9 – Crosses and Graves in St Maelruain’s Churchyard
Video 10 – St Maelruain’s Losset and Stables

The Green Schools website has been setting activities each week based on the different themes: litter and waste, water, travel, biodiversity, global citizenship and the marine environment.

They outline an activity for each day with a mixture of tasks aimed at junior pupils, senior pupils and tasks that could be completed by either age group.

Today under the litter and waste theme there is a fact sheet on litter and waste. On Tuesday there is a maze and spot the difference worksheet. Wednesday’s task is an art activity to make a bug using egg carton. Thursday’s lesson is about ‘fast fashion’ and Friday is a ‘Neat Streets’ challenge.

Check out the link below for more details.

Biodiversity day took place on Friday 22nd Of May. Check out some related activities at the link below that might link in with work in senior end on SESE:

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Videos 7 and 8 – St Maelruain’s Church

Our senior end focus on SESE studies continues this week with a look at some local history. Our first two videos are set at St Maelruain’s Church in Tallaght Village, which as you can see is a wonderful place to visit. It is on the site of an ancient monastery which you’ll learn about in the first video. The second video shows the interior of the church and gives details of two famous artists buried in the graveyard, Oisín Kelly and Evie Hone.

St Maelruain’s Church
Video 7 – St Maelruain’s
Video 8 – St Maelruain’s, Oisín Kelly & Evie Hone

3rd to 6th Class: Local Studies Video 6 – Tymon Lane and Tymon Castle

Our final SESE Local Studies video of the week features Tymon Lane (Timmons Lane) and the site of Tymon Castle. Our senior classes have been enjoying these videos set at Tymon Park and the Dodder this week. Next week, we focus on some sites around Tallaght Village.

Make sure to let your teachers know if you have any questions about local history, geography or science, or if you have visited any of these locations.

Video 6 – Tymon Lane & Tymon Castle