Climate Action Week

It was Climate Action Week from the 15th -19th of October. Ms. Brennan’s class have been learning about various ways to care for the environment. We learned about the importance of trees & the children were delighted to help plant a tree in the school garden. Have a look at the pictures.

St.Dominics Maths Detectives

For Maths Week 3rd class became detectives and had to use their subtraction skills to solve a robbery. They had to find out what was stolen,when and where it was stolen, and who was the criminal.

It is clear there will be some Detectives and mathematicans coming out of the group in years to come!

2nd Class Trip to Imaginosity for Maths Week

On Friday morning 2nd class went on a school trip to Imaginosity for Maths Week. They did a fantastic workshop where they learned about counting, sorting, multiplication and team work!Then they explored the museum and had fun in the mini super market, recorded themselves reading the news, drove a car, and lots more!