Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Ms. Larkin’s class had great fun on Thursday at their Teddy Bears’ Picnic. All the children brought in their favourite teddy! We introduced them all and all the children and teddies were so well behaved. Ms. Larkin’s teddy though was found climbing trees!! All the teddies made it back to their homes at the end of the day. 🐻🐵🐶

Attendance for the full school year 2017-2018

We had 22 pupils this year who managed to make it to school everyday this school year. They are such good role models for the rest of the school and were awarded an Eason’s gift voucher for their effort. What a massive achievement for these pupils & their parents/guardians.👏🏻

Attendance for term 3

A number of pupils managed to achieve the term target of coming to school for 47 consecutive days! Well done to all. The award was 30 minutes of extra yard time, with lots of fun activities. The sunshine added to this wonderful experience! 😎☀️