Local Secondary Schools Dublin 24 Area

Hi all, 

Here is a list of all the secondary schools in the Dublin 24 area. If you are hoping to send your child to a different school from my previous post, please get in touch with your chosen school to check enrolment details and how to send in an application.

If you need any help, please let me know by emailing dfagan@stdominicsns.ie or calling 0863311996.  


David Fagan HSCL

Local Secondary Schools Dublin 24 Area

Enrolment Applications – Old Bawn, TCS and Firhouse CC 1st Years 2022/2023

Our three main local secondary schools have released the dates they are open for enrolment applications. 

Tallaght Community School opens for applications on Monday 4th October until Friday 22nd October at 3.40pm. 

Old Bawn Community School opens for applications on Friday 1st October until Friday 22nd October at 3pm. 

Firhouse Community College opens for applications on Friday 1st October until Friday 22nd October.

I will have a Transitions Meeting with Parents/Guardians from both 6th Classes on Thursday 23rd September at 12.30pm on Zoom to explain the process involved in applying for each school. Please email me at dfagan@stdominicsns.ie or text me at 0863311996 if you are able to make it. I will send out the link to this video call early next week. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. 

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David Fagan

Home School Community Liaison

Royalty in 1st class

Ms. Larkin is delighted to be back and getting to know the boys and girls again and there are some new faces too this year. We were looking last week about how we are different and unique and wrote a special quality about ourselves. The children then drew and painted their self portrait. To make it extra special we decided to become kings and queens and added a crown which we filled with decorations and lots of glitter! This week the children were superb at drawing their very own castle to go alongside their portrait.