Pancake decorating

For Pancake Tuesday last week the boys and girls in Ms. Walsh’s Senior Infants were asked to send in pictures of their tasty pancakes! Ms. Walsh had asked everyone to decorate their pancakes and add a smiley face to make some “Happy Pancakes” with their toppings. Look at some of the tasty and happy pancakes that were made!

Look at that “Happy Pancake!”
An Indian savoury pancake!
Some delicious Crispy Potato Pancakes.

Flat Teacher Adventure with Senior Infants

The boys and girls in Ms. Walsh’s class took on a new challenge this week during Distance Learning. They had to bring “Ms. Walsh” on lots of different adventures and it looks like they had lots of fun! Ms. Walsh was helping with work at home, making tasty food and desserts, playing with some Lego and even having some fun outside! Look at all of the amazing “Flat Teacher Adventures!”

Noticing lots of changes in the weather.
Having lots of fun outside!
Doing some fantastic writing.
Making some tasty desserts.
Doing some brilliant work at home.
Practicing our capital letters!
Looking forward to going on some adventures.
Playing with some amazing lego!
Making some homemade tasty pizza!

BAck to School

We are delighted to say that St. Dominic’s NS will be open next Monday, for all pupils from Junior Infants to 2nd Class. We look forward to welcoming children back to the classroom. Social interaction is really important for children and I know they will be happy to return. A renewed commitment to health & safety procedures will be one of our key priorities and we will share that information with you towards the end of this week. We will be updating the ‘return to school’ section of the website in the coming days and we will have a Back to School webinar for parents on Friday at 11.30am. This will be on Zoom. I will share the meeting code on Friday morning. Remote teaching & learning will finish on Thursday for Junior Infants to 2nd Class to allow us to plan the safe re-opening of the school. Our senior pupils (3rd -6th Class) are due to return on March 15th we believe. 

Regards, Seamus Vaughan