Aladdin Connect

Our school uses Aladdin Connect for communication with parents. Aladdin Connect allows the school to securely share student information with parents. It can assist parents with:

– Ensuring the school has their most up to date contact information

– Keeping parents aware of their child’s attendance

– Keep parents up-to-date on school and classroom news via noticeboard messages

– Keeps parents up to date on what library book their child is currently reading and if it is due/overdue to be returned.

– Allows parents view their child’s approved report card

– Allows parents view their child’s latest standardised test results

Along with strengthening our home/school partnership, Aladdin Connect assists the school by:

– Helping to improve attendance by allowing parents view just how many school days their child may have currently missed, along with late arrival and early leaving information.

– Help eliminate class/school notes being sent home.

– Help the school/teachers communicate with parents when the need arises.

– Reduce costs by reducing the number of texts that need to be sent.

Here are some helpful links and documents for parents to set-up and get the best from Aladdin Connect

Once you have received a link from the school you can use these advice sheets to register your account and download the App

Set-up the App – Cheatsheet

Using the App – Cheatsheet

Parents Guide to Aladdin Connect

Registering for Connect

Install and use the App

Problems receiving Notifications

Quick guide – If a parent is not receiving notifications