Active Week May 2022

We are all very excited for our ‘Active Week’ this week! There are so many activities planned and all of the children (and staff!) get to wear a tracksuit every day and all of our homework is active for the week! Check out the timetable for our week of fun and activity below!


We kicked off the week with basketball! Yvonne, a basketball coach from Basketball Ireland came in to teach us some skills. All of the children LOVED the sessions.

Parachute Games

Each class got the opportunity to take part in parachute games in the hall. The teachers thought of some really cool games to play with it and it was great fun!

Obstacle Course

Ms Pyne and Mr Donnellan set up a Junior and Senior obstacle course with the help of some children from Mr Donnellan’s class. Each class went to the pitch to run the obstacle course. They had some practise runs and then races!


Triona, a hip hop dance teacher came to St Dominic’s on Wednesday to teach all of the children some moves! It was lovely to hear the music play throughout the school all day and the dance sessions were really enjoyed by all!


Wednesday was a busy day! Robbie from the FAI and Ms Ormsby spent the day taking different classes for some soccer coaching. They learned some skills and tricks and played lots of fun games too!


Glenn, a rugby coach came to St Dominic’s on Thursday and set up on the pitch for the day! Many of the children had never played rugby before and had a great time becoming familiar with the rules of the game and learning new skills.


It’s the final day of Active week and although the children have been busy with activities all week, Naomi from Leinster Cricket was very impressed with all of the children and the effort that they put into the sessions! Unfortunately, the rain didn’t hold off but it didn’t stop Naomi and she moved into the hall for the rest of the day!

Timed Challenges

Each class took part in some timed challenges and cooperative games throughout the week! They wrote their their scores on the charts on the wall – see the results below! There was lots of competitiveness and determination amongst all of the classes!

Students V Staff Challenges

Ms Ormsby put together lots of fun students V teachers challenges this week! Both the teachers and students gave each challenge 100% and there was lots of rivalry and competitiveness seen! I am happy to announce that the overall winners were………THE STAFF!!!

Active Walkway

Classes found time between a very busy active week schedule to enjoy the walkway and try out a new challenge chart!