• Our Active Schools Flag Committee contains members from a range of different classes in our school. They have been established since September 2019 and meet regularly with the teachers on the committee to discuss all aspects of our Active Schools Flag process. Our pupils have many different leadership roles, such as researchers who conduct surveys, organisers who help host events etc.
  • We held a whole-school competition to choose our active school flag slogan ‘Forget  the snooze button, hit the move button!’. This winning slogan was chosen by the Active Schools Flag Committee. Well done to Sarah in 6th Class for creating the winning slogan!
  • Our senior pupils conducted a ‘What Club are You in?’ survey to ascertain the levels of club involvement outside of school amongst our pupils.
  • Our school hosts a ‘Sports Star of the Week’ award highlighting pupils who achieve success through effort in their sporting endeavours inside and outside of school. We host an annual sports awards ceremony at the end of each year to appreciate our pupils’ sporting efforts also.
  • Our school emailed the Local Sports Partnership, Local HSE Health Promotion Officer and local Sports Inclusion Disability Officer to help improve our partnerships.
  • We hosted a local clubs sports membership information event in the school hall which aimed to encourage our pupils to join a range of different organisations in their local community.

What Clubs are we in?

During our drive for an Active Flag we have sought to renew the links between our school and our local sports clubs and activity groups. Many pupils are members of Thomas Davis GAA and other local GAA clubs; Tallaght Town, St Maleruan’s FC and other local football clubs; Old Bawn and other local gymnastics clubs; various dance schools and groups; and a variety of other local sports clubs and groups. We have worked with many of these clubs to promote their academies and teams to parents and pupils alike, putting up website posts, links on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and posters in the school, as well as giving out fliers promoting these clubs and groups.

This year, our sixth class carried out a survey on every child in the school to find out what after-school clubs they are in. See the results below!

Sports Show Case

A huge thank you to all the parents and children who made our sports club showcase such a success. A special thank you to all of the local sports clubs who took the time to come to St Dominic’s. We are extremely lucky to have such a variety of sports available to us in our locality.

  • Active Home Week 
  • We ran an Active Home Week in our school in April 2020, just a few weeks into the closure of school buildings due to Covid 19. It ran from Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May.
  • Pupils completed activity charts and parents sent them to our dedicated Active Flag email account with photos and videos of their children engaging in our active challenges.
  • All our events were accessible and inclusive to all members of the school community.
  • Our teachers created daily challenges for pupils to complete – these were uploaded to our school website, Facebook page and Twitter account. You can see them below.
  • All pupils and staff wore tracksuits for the week so as to benefit as much as possible from the physical activities.
  • All aspects of the curriculum had a physical activity focus through cross-curricular learning throughout the week. Our teachers also put emphasis on completing active home week work as part of their daily teaching through distance learning.
  • We organised a whole school fun event during the week – our online Friday assembly was focused on the photos and videos we received and these were shared with pupils, parents and staff.
  • Parents were themselves actively encouraged to participate in Active Home Week events.
  • We worked with local sports clubs to provide online activities for pupils to carry out at home – details with suggested activities were sent out via email to parents/guardians.
  • We encouraged pupils to exercise within the then 2km restriction, visiting local parks when safe to do so

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