Today Ms Shortall’s 3rd class were learning about the water crisis that is impacting various places around the world such as Cape Town and Mexico City.

We watched a short, informative video from the Netflix Explained series: The World’s Water Crisis. In this video we found out how the Earth’s water is broken down in percentages-97% salt water, 2% frozen freshwater, 1% liquid freshwater. We also learnt new vocabulary such as aquifers, aquaducts, arid and desalination.

Source: Netflix

We learnt about the challenges impacting this vital resources and steps that need to be taken for it’s preservation, such as reducing our own personal usage, growing crops in suitable climates and putting pressure on our government to make repairs and improve the infrastructure so we don’t lose water in unnecessary leakages.

We finished the lesson with a quiz to check what we remembered from the video.