Final Bin inspections🗑💚

The Green School Committee have been working so hard this year to improve our bin systems in the school.

Before Christmas, the 6th class members made helpful videos to show the school what can be put in the General Waste and Recycling Bins in each classroom! They went around and inspected each of the classrooms (and the staffroom) and gave out prizes to the two best classes – Ms. Brennan’s class and Ms. Breathnach’s class🥳

When the hot lunches started in the school, each classroom got 2 new bins – one for food waste and one for the trays. The Green School Committee worked fast to make a new video showing the whole school how to use the new bins and how to dispose of waste properly. We have now been able to reduce the General Waste bins on some blocks to one bin per block rather than one bin per classroom!🥳 This shows how much we have reduced our general waste!

Before the 6th class graduated they performed one last bin inspection! They were very impressed with the whole school and each class has made major improvements! We celebrated all their hard work this year with some pizza!🍕