3rd Class are shocked by the pollution in our Rivers😳

Today 3rd class went for a walk to Sean Walsh Park and they were shocked by what they found!

All year, as part of our Green Flag, we have been learning about Global Citizenship – Marine Environments and how our actions can have an impact on the oceans, rivers and wildlife in our locality and around the world. We have learnt that our rubbish can end up in the sea by traveling through rivers and it can be so harmful to all the wildlife🐟🐠🦭

3rd class discovered a lot of rubbish in the river and the pond. They were shocked as they know how harmful this can be. We have been working so hard this year on making sure we dispose of our waste properly to prevent this from happening!

We challenge you to think of things you can do at home to help improve the pollution of our rivers and seas and prevent it from happening🦭🌊🐠🗑