1st Class School Tour

Ms. Pyne and Ms. Larkin’s class had great fun on their school tour to Lullymore! Abbey our tour guide showed us around the farm and told us all about the different animals. We went to a fairy village where some of the children saw some fairies. The different colour wings told us what job they had. The two classes also got to make a special wish. Next we went on a fun train ride. After that we saw a house which people lived in long ago, and were brought to an outdoor classroom that they had. We then got to eat our lovely lunch before heading out to the playground. Even though it started raining we still managed to have lots of fun. The children dried off then when they went inside to the play centre. There were a few sleepyheads on the way home but overall we had such a fun day. Ms. Larkin and Ms. Pyne were so proud how well behaved the children were. Thanks to Ms. McManus, Ms. Wall, Ms. Purcell and Ms. Hyland for coming with us.