Month: January 2022

School Closed (Monday 24th January)

Our school will be closed to pupils this coming Monday 24th January as there is a staff training day being provided by the National Council for Special Education. The school will reopen to pupils on Tuesday 25th January. Please help spread the word amongst our school community.

Women Together Tallaght Network

Here is a brochure for the Women Together Tallaght Network courses and activities running up to March 2022. Please contact David Fagan HSCL if you have any questions.

Senior Infant Science: What happens if you put a jacket on a snowman?

For Science this week, Ms Coyle’s Senior Infants were investigating the question ‘What happens if you put a jacket on a snowman?’. We used a concept cartoon (see picture below) to explore some of the children’s opinions. Most children thought that putting a jacket on the snowman would cause the snowman to melt faster because …