Month: November 2021

Marathon Kids

Over the last 8 weeks 5th class and 6th class have been participating in Marathon kids! Each week the children would have to run a certain number of meters with the aim of running the length of an entire marathon by the end of the 8 weeks! On Wednesday we all headed off to Tallaght …

learning all about the Celts in 5th class

Ms Breathnach’s fifth class were learning all about the Celts in History over the past two weeks! We looked at the various artefacts they left behind and had a big quiz on Thursday to test our knowledge! On Friday we spent the morning making our own Ring-forts complete with Crannogs! Well done everyone!

Science Week in 4th Class

Ms McBride’s 4th class had a super week last week participating in Science Week. We conducted various experiments like making a paper boat and seeing how many cubes we could put on it, the coke and mentos experiment and the gummy bear experiment. Here are some pictures showing what we got up to! Post Block …