Month: June 2021

Ms. Higgins’ class had a fantastic day at the zoo. Our tour guide was blown away by how many different animal facts we knew! 🦍🦓🐘🦒🦏🦛

Fun at the Zoo! 🐯🦁🐆🦜🦛🦩🦧 Ms. Pyne’s first class!

We had the best day seeing all of the animals at Dublin Zoo! All of the children were SO good, as always! We had a fantastic day! 😊

Ms. Byrne’s Class Trip to Dublin Zoo 🐘🦒🦧🦏

Ms. Byrne’s 1st class had the best day today in Dublin Zoo. We went on a tour around the African Savanna and learned lots of interesting facts about different animals. Then we went to see some of our other favourite animals around the zoo. We had lots of fun and everyone was so well behaved! …