Month: February 2021

6th Class Learning ‘How to Be Good with Money’

Over the past few weeks Ms. Duffy’s 6th class have been working on their understanding of money with their teacher and Ms. Tighe. We discussed the origins of money as a replacement for the bartering system and the pros and cons of having money vs. not having it. On today’s class call we had a …

Remote Learning in Mr Fagan’s 5th Class

Mr Fagan’s 5th class have been very busy over the past few weeks learning from home. We’ve had great fun on our class calls including having a scavenger hunt, a pet assembly and playing other great games as well as working hard on Maths, English and other subjects. Well done to all the children in …

spraoi sa sneachta

Hanna from Ms. Higgins’ class and her big brother having lots of fun in the snow!