Over the past few weeks Ms. Duffy’s 6th class have been working on their understanding of money with their teacher and Ms. Tighe. We discussed the origins of money as a replacement for the bartering system and the pros and cons of having money vs. not having it. On today’s class call we had a special message from Eoin McGee to 6th class. Check it out…

Message to 6th class in St. Dominic’s N.S. from Eoin McGee, financial advisor, author and star of RTE show, ‘How to be Good with Money’.

We used this activity to test our knowledge of vocabulary associated with money. https://quizlet.com/302429693/money-flash-cards/

We also watched clips on the CCPC website made with financial advisor Eoin McGee on topics such as income, expenditure, budgeting and saving.https://moneymatters.ccpc.ie/parents-hub/

For homework last week, the class had to watch an episode of ‘How to be Good with Money’ on RTE Player along with some questions from Money Chapter in their Busy at Maths. This week they had a budgeting activity. All episodes from the 3 series are available here free to view: https://www.rte.ie/player/series/how-to-be-good-with-money/SI0000004732?epguid=IP000066520

We also looked at the pricing displays in supermarkets. The information that legally has to be there and how to work out what is the best value for money.

We also looked at the forms of credit available from banks and how the interest they charge on these is in sharp contrast to the interest you would earn on savings with the same bank. The phrase Caveat emptor, (Latin: “let the buyer beware”) comes to mind. 🤷‍♀️

Understanding money and an awareness of details of credit and saving options available allow us to make informed choices, so that our money is working for us and not the other way around. Well done to 6th class for all their work on this subject. It started as one lesson and was driven by your interest in the topic. Thank you to Eoin for making the video!

Have a great midterm everyone! 😊