Month: November 2020

6th Class Make Pizza

Today some of the 6th class from Ms Duffy and Mr Donnellan’s were making pizzas on tortilla wraps. Each pupil had their own utencils for making their pizza. It was a nice reward for all the hard work they have put in with Ms Tighe. Check out some of the pictures below.

Colourful Science Experiments in Ms. Byrne’s 1st Class 🌈

Ms. Byrne’s 1st class really enjoyed taking part in some fun Science experiments recently for Science Week. Firstly, we tried the skittles experiment. The children arranged their skittles in a pattern in their groups and predicted what might happen if we poured some water over them. Lots of our predictions were correct and we ended …

Science week in Ms.Pyne’s class!

Ms. Pyne’s first class loved getting messy for Science week! We made our very own slime by mixing glue, baking soda, shaving foam, food colouring and saline solution. It was so much fun playing with our slime afterwards! We then did some procedural writing about the experiment! Have a look!