Yo-Úll Love this: 5th Class Bake with Ms Brady

5th Class baked Ms Brady’s famous Swiss apple cake in school today. Ms Brady brought out one pod to pick apples from the school orchard. Two other pods helped to peel and slice the apples and make the topping. The pupils made sure that they kept good social distancing at all times!

Many people don’t know that our school has its own small orchard! Zach, Scott and Thomas picked lots of ripe apples from our cooking apple tree. These were then washed thoroughly. On Friday morning, two pods went to our cookery room to make the Swiss apple cake. Ava, Olivia and Lucy made the topping for the cake while Mark, Kate, Kyle and Mihir peeled and sliced the sour apples.

The apples were put on top of the pastry in the tray, and sugar was sprinkled on top of these to sweeten the taste. The topping was placed on this, and the tray was then put into the oven.

Later in the day, Ms Brady cut and served the Swiss apple cake to the whole class. The class thought it was delicious! The class want to say a big “go raibh maith agat” to Ms Brady for helping us bake. The recipe for this tasty treat is provided below.

This report was written by all of Mr Looney’s 5th Class in English, where we learned about report writing!

Swiss Apple Cake Recipe

8oz flour
5oz margarine

Cooking apples

6oz flour
4.5 oz margarine
3oz castor sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
2 eggs
Little milk

Pastry Method
Put flour in bowl and chop in margarine. Combine together until consistency is similar to large breadcrumbs. Bind together slowly with a little water to form pastry.

Topping method
Mix sugar and softened margarine. Gradually add flour and one egg at a time, adding baking powder to last amount of flour.if mixture too thick add a little milk.  Mix until you have smooth mixture.

Grease large baking tin. Roll out pastry and line bottom of tin. Cover pastry with eveb layer of sliced apples. Sprinkle sugar over. Spread topping over apples.

Cook at 190 degrees for 25 minutes until golden brown.