Month: September 2020

6th Class make use of the cookery room again

Today some of the 6th class made use of the cookery room, while maintaining social distancing. On the menu today was pancakes. Each pupil had their own utensils to make their pancake along with some instructions. We measured out the ingredients and followed the steps, incorporating some literacy and maths. We then finished the pancakes …

Ms. Walsh’s class had fun in the sun

Ms. Walsh’s class took advantage of the lovely weather today and went outside to practice their letter and number formations using chalk! We played a sound game and topped it off with some fun drawings of their choice! Everyone had a great time 🙂

5th Class – Ancient Greece and Google Docs!

Well done to Mr Looney’s 5th Class who are combining history research on Ancient Greece with learning new computer skills. The pupils researched various topics from Greek history using books from our school library, then typed out documents in their own words. They have learned to typeset, use fonts, sizes, colours and images. Check out …