Book/Chromebook Drop-Off Days & Times Next Week

As we move towards the end of June we are turning our focus to preparing for books for September. We need the PM readers, Book Rental Books and Chromebooks to come back to the school again so we can organise them for September. It is very important we get all these back so we can set up our classes with books from September 1st.
Our Book drop-off times are listed below. The school yard will be open at the designated time. You can hand them to the teacher at a desk, who will check off the names when returned. There will be no access to the school building these days.
Thank you for your support.

Wednesday 17th
10.00-11.00 – Junior infant classes (PM Readers)
11.00-12.00 – Senior Infant classes (PM Readers)
12.00-1.00 – 5th class (Chromebooks, Novels & Book Rental)

Thursday 18th
11.00-12.00 – 6th Class (Chromebooks and collection of hoodies, awards and graduation posters)

Friday 19th
10.00-11.00 – 3rd Class (Novels & Book Rental)
11.00-12.00 – 4th Class (Big Cat & Book Rental)
12.00-1.00 – 1st Class (PM readers & Book Rental)