Looking after your child’s wellbeing

This is a challenging time for everyone and children especially could be feeling anxious and worried. The HSE offer advice on how to explain the virus to children and the importance of having routine in your day. See link for this advice – Wellbeing advice for children

Below is a link to a useful, interactive booklet that offers a child friendly way of explaining Corona virus to children.

Children’s Covid booklet (1)

For mental health support services for young people follow this link. https://www2.hse.ie/wellbeing/mental-health/supports-for-young-people.html

Below are activities and fun games that can be used as a family, or just for kids. Play and recreational activities will help children to feel calmer and more relaxed.


  • Take a walk or bike ride or read a favourite book together
  • Let your child teach you something that they like to do.
  • Have a “dream staycation”
  • Build a den together
  • Have a dance competition
  • Use arts and crafts to support children’s imagination
  • Go on a nature walk within your 2km radius
  • Expose the children to sand and water play

Online Resources: