Month: January 2020

Survey request for parents and adults in our community for 6th class research

6th class pupils through to regional finals of SEAI competition. Looking for adults connected with our school to fill out a short survey to help with their research using the link provided.

Last call for grandparents day photos!

The last of the photographs for our Grandparents Day display will be printed off in the morning. You can text or Viber them to Ms Murphy on 0863311996. Our prayer service is at 11:00amin the hall and there will be a party in the parents room afterwards.

GREEN SCHOOLS: How our pupils like to be informed

Check out the different ways we can represent data/information in the pictures below, made by 5th class pupils. Back in December, following a Kahoot quiz by the Green Schools Committee a survey was undertaken with 89 pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th Class on how they like to be informed about Green Schools issues. The …