Check out the different ways we can represent data/information in the pictures below, made by 5th class pupils.

Back in December, following a Kahoot quiz by the Green Schools Committee a survey was undertaken with 89 pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th Class on how they like to be informed about Green Schools issues. The results were tallied by Dylan in Ms Duffy’s 5th class.

Today some of the 5th class represented this data in different ways using: bar charts, tallies and pie charts. We found the tally the easiest way, the bar chart involved use of intervals and careful measuring, while the pie chart was the most work as it involved the use of calculations, a compass and a protractor.

The results show that visits to classrooms and use of video clips were the preferred method of communicating to our selection of senior pupils. The Green Schools and other initiatives in the school can use this information in future when trying to spread the word. These will be on display around the school.