Energy Audit

During the last week of school in December, four of our Green School committee braved the elements every morning and afternoon to record the meter readings for the electricity and gas. These meter readings tell us how much gas and electricity was used during the school day and after school.Mr Vaughan gave our reps a briefing on how electricity is used throughout the school and how the boiler works using gas to heat the radiators. With the changes made to the school during the retrofit in the summer holidays: changing the radiators, light fittings, insulating the walls and ceiling and installing thermostats in each classroom so they can control temperature in the room, we would hope to reduce the amount of energy used to fuel our school.Since we came back to school in January 5th class have been analysing the results in their maths lesson, calculating the weekly usage of electricity and gas, the average daily usage and how much is used when we are not here, namely in the afternoon/evenings and on weekends.