Today all our senior classes from 3rd class up to 6th completed a Kahoot quiz, by The Green Schools Committee to find out how much the pupils knew about Green Schools and a selection of environmental issues. Try yourself on the link below:

The use of ipads and the app Kahoot was a fun way of both gauging pupils current level of awareness and passing on some information. It will also allow the committee to analyse the results and identify areas that we can work on in the months ahead, as we persue the 7th Green Schools Flag – Global Citizenship.

In the afternoon, pupils in each of the classes filled out a feedback form to let the committee know:

– what area they or their class would like to learn more about

– ask a question

-share how they like to be informed e.g. Visit to the class, project work, workshop, intercom or social media.

The Kahoot quiz identified the 3 top scores in each group, and these pupils will receive a small prize tomorrow. We’ll done to all the classes involved. Thank you to the pupils who contributed questions and for the teachers patience and help.