Last Friday Mr Ward’s 2nd class made bird feeders in the cookery room with Ms Brady from the Green Schools Committee and Evan from 6th class. They used recycled plastic bottles with an opening cut into them for the birds to reach the seeds.

First Ms Brady cut up cooking fat, melted it in the cooker and allowed it to cool.

The class were broken up into 4 groups with each child assigned a task.

Boys & girls each got selection of seeds, fruit & nuts and mixed these together. They then mixed these into the melted fat and carefully spooned the mixture into bottles.

The filled bottles were left in fridge overnight to solidify.

Today twine was wrapped around the bottles and the finished bird feeders placed out on trees near the class’ yard line up area, so they can see the bird enjoying some food during the cold winter months.

Thank you to Ms Ormsby and Mr Ward for collecting the bottles and Ms Brady and Evan for helping the class out them together. Hopefully the birds will know where they can get some food if they are hungry. Great to have another class in our school focused on biodiversity. 🙌