Between now and Thursday, we are collecting donations for the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox appeal.

Some of the Green Schools’ committee were busy this afternoon wrapping shoeboxes, making posters, visiting classes to show example items and writing and delivering an announcement over the school intercom.

We are looking for items suitable for boys or girls from 2-14 years. Many thanks for the items and shoeboxes generously donated so far. We are hoping to send 16-20 boxes, so if you could send in one item per family, it would be much appreciated. If you are unable to donate an item, €1 or €2 could be given to the office and we can purchase additional items or put it towards the cost of shipping.

Donations can be given into your classroom or the office. There are some leaflets in the office if you would like to make your own box up at home. Many thanks for your continued support and well done to the Green School reps for their work so far!