Last week was Climate Action week. Some of our classes wrote their own pledges to make a small change to protect our climate.

Mr Ward’s second class watched a short informative video with ideas that we could all follow. Then each child chose one idea that they could work on this year.

2nd class writing pledges.

Next in Ms Duffy’s 5th class we looked at materials on the Green Schools website and discussed how a small change such as reducing the time you take in the shower could dramatically reduce the amount of water used and energy, when using an electric or immersion shower.

In Mr Looney’s 4th class and Mr Fagan’s 6th class, we focused on the number of disposable water bottles we have saved from being produced since our school, with the help of Carambola our lunch providers, changed to reusable bottles and filtered water tap in each classroom. We worked out that the average class saved around 3,500 plastic bottles being produced and that across the school almost 66,000 bottles in just one year! 6th class also watched a documentary on Climate Change

Then two of our Green School Committee reps had the difficult task of choosing 10 pledges that everyone could incorporate into their daily life. After drafting and practicing their speech, the committee reps announced the names of the selected pupils and read their pledges over the intercom, to inform the whole school and gave them some chocolate buttons. Mr Vaughan was on hand for technical support and shared some tips on making announcements.

In recent weeks Ms Duffy, Mr Looney and Mr Fagan’s classes took part in a global Climate Action Strike, to compel our government to take serious action to safeguard our future and the future of our planet.

Not to leave out our youngest pupils, Ms O’Reilly’S junior infants were learning about hedgehogs through a storybook and SESE. They made hibernation homes ofr the hedgehogs from leaves and twigs and made some hedgehog art using leaves.

The overall message from Climate Action week was that small changes can make a huge difference to our climate’s sustainability.