5th Class Skills and Career Development visit from Find Your Inspiration (FYI)

Mr Donnellan and Ms Tighe’s 5th class had their second visit today from the Inspiring the Future Ireland project. We had four professionals from different lines of work, who volunteered to come in and talk about their career and the educational route they followed. The purpose of the project is to get our 5th class pupils thinking about their own areas of interest, skills that they have and what career avenues these interests and skills could lead to. Following on from this the project aims to facilitate with subject choices for secondary school and exploring the different avenues available for further education and training. The project is being piloted for the second year by South Dublin County Partnership and our school was lucky to be chosen to take part.

The project is being co-ordinated by Sharon Murray of SDCP. The volunteers today were; Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Director of Women in Business Network, Amanda McGrath of STCAP; Dylan Cotter, Executive Creative Director of BBDO and Birthe Tonseth, Producer and Director at RTÉ. The volunteers did workshops with both classes chatting with the pupils, in small groups, about their line of work. There was lots of conversation after the workshop about the visitors and what the pupils would like to be when they are older. In June, as part of the project the 5th class will also get to visit University College Dublin (UCD) with some of the other schools taking part, to see what could lie ahead for them.

Inspiring the Future Ireland is a free and easy way for thousands of schools and volunteers from the world of work to connect. At the heart of Inspiring the Future are volunteers talking informally about their job, career and their educational route at events, speed networking sessions or in the classroom to broaden the aspirations of young people.

The Inspiring the Future Ireland initiative involves Volunteers from Apprentices to CEO’s, Archaeologists to Zoologists pledging just one hour a year to volunteer in a school near where they live or work to talk to young people about their job and career route. Teachers and volunteers are connected by registering their interest on the secure website http://www.inspiringthefuture.ie. The Inspiring the Future Ireland Coordinator will match the volunteers with the schools and organise specific Inspiring the Future Ireland events and activities. Please visit the website above for more information, or if you would like to volunteer to take part in the project.

While the project is lead by South Dublin County Partnership, corporate support is provided by Google and Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the project is supported by South Dublin County Council (SDCC), South Dublin Chamber and Education & Employers. A big thank you to Sharon, the volunteers and all who are facilitating this worthwhile project.