Big Clean Up for National Spring Clean Day

At eleven o’clock yesterday all the classes in St Dominic’s took part in cleaning up rubbish for National Spring Clean Day, which is headed by An Taisce. Bags upon bags of litter were collected by pupils and staff from around the school, outside the school grounds, around the church, Mountain Park and around the community centre. There was great sense of community with children getting stuck-in, working together and with encouragement received by the people in the area as they went by. Though shocked in some places by the amount of litter, there was a growing sense of pride displayed by pupils of their locality, with some of the 5th class boys wanting to go out again after school to continue cleaning up! A noble sentiment, though if you are planning on cleaning up around where you live, be sure to ask and an adult first and to wear protective gloves and not to pick up anything sharp or potentially dangerous. Check out some pictures from our different classes.