Ms Tighe’s 5th class put their cookery skills to the test today making a version of Neven Maguire’s family chicken curry. In science, the class were learning about nutrition and the food pyramid and that in order to have a balanced diet we need a mixture of the different shelves on the pyramid with some items in moderation. 5th class filled in what they had learned about the food pyramid using food emojis on the Seesaw app on the iPads and some expanded on this by explaining how this helps our bodies.


Working in four groups the boys and girls took turns chopping up onions, peppers and mushrooms and then set to work cooking. Apart from one burnt pot, which we rallied from, the curries were a great success with nothing left for the hungry teachers’ drawn in by the tantelising smell going down the hall!

The class were delighted with the fruit of their labour with many wanting to try it out for their family at home! Special shout out to Regina and Jack for their hard work keeping on top of all the cleaning so that the cookery room would be ready for the breakfast club tomorrow morning. A huge thanks to Ms Brady and Ms Mulligan for their help throughout.

See the link below for Neven Maguire’s recipe that we used as a guide and added in some veggies!