Health and Wellbeing Week Day Four: Coping With Stress

Today is the fourth day of our Health and Wellbeing Week 2018. We will be putting up posts each schoolday this week to promote a particular area of health and wellbeing in the school. Today, we are focusing on coping with stress.

All of us get stressed from time to time; some more regularly than others. As a school community we are all affected in different ways by stress; pupils, staff, parents and others.

One of our staff members has sent on this list of 101 ways to cope with stress which may help. Perhaps some of these may suit your life, your family or your interests.

Of course, stress and other mental health concerns for adults and children alike sometimes require a professional response. Speak to your GP about services and supports available. These include the Tallaght Community Mental Health team and the Lucena Clinic.