Staffing 2018/2019

The Board of Management has completed the appointment process of teaching staff for the coming school year.

We say goodbye to Ms Gallagher who leaves us after 14 years on staff. Ms Hogan and Ms Goode are on career break next year also. We welcome Ms Soffe, Ms Farrelly, Mr Brennan, Ms Ormsby, and Mr Ward to the staff.

Our school is continually growing; from September 2018, our school will have 18 Mainstream classes. We will be using some new classrooms next year. The school will be opening 3 new classrooms in the middle block upstairs (above St. Dominic’s Tots).

Please note: In September, St. Dominic’s Tots will have a new entrance at the rear of the building (off the pitch).

Enjoy your summer holidays,

Mr Vaughan

Current Class

Teacher September 2018


Junior Infants A – Ms Higgins Junior Block Downstairs 1
Junior Infants B – Ms Byrne Junior Block Downstairs 3
Junior Infants B  – Ms Pyne Junior Block Downstairs 2
Junior Infants A – Ms Larkin Senior Infants A – Ms Larkin Junior Block Upstairs Room 8
Junior Infants B – Ms Considine Senior Infants B – Ms Considine Junior Block Upstairs Room 7
Senior Infants A – Ms Pyne 1st Class A – Ms McHugh Middle Block Upstairs Room 3
Senior Infants B – Ms Gallagher 1st Class B – Ms Duffy Middle Block Upstairs Room 2
Senior Infants C – Ms Byrne 1st Class C – Ms Clarke Middle Block Upstairs Room 1
1st Class A –  Ms Tighe 2nd Class A – Ms Brennan Junior Block Upstairs Room 6
1st Class B – Ms Duffy 2nd Class B – Mr Keating Junior Block Upstairs Room 5
2nd Class A – Ms Higgins 3rd Class A – Ms Ormsby Resource Block Downstairs Room 4
2nd Class B – Ms Brennan 3rd Class B – Ms Soffe Resource Block Downstairs Room 2
3rd Class (Ms Farrell & Ms Clarke) 4th Class A – Mr Brennan Senior Block Downstairs Room 1
3rd Class (Ms Farrell & Ms Clarke) 4th Class B – Ms Farrelly Senior Block Downstairs Room 2
4th Class (Ms Hogan & Ms Clarke) 5th Class A – Ms Tighe Senior Block Upstairs Room 5
4th Class (Ms Hogan & Ms Clarke) 5th Class B – Mr Donnellan Senior Block Downstairs Room 4
5th Class A – Mr Looney 6th Class A – Mr Looney Senior Block Upstairs Room 7
5th Class B – Ms O’Reilly 6th Class B – Mr Fagan Senior Block Downstairs Room 8