Month: May 2018

Dominic’s Indoor hockey blitz comes to an end .. Well done to our finalists..

Well done to Tampa Bay Lightning, who won the tournament and Toronto Maple Leafs, the runners up (4-1). It was a fantastic final and well done to all eight teams who participated.

Space Adventures

This month Ms Tighe’s first class have been learning about Neil Armstrong and space. After learning about the Apollo 11 mission and watching some footage of the landing we wrote about Armstrong in a 3D frame, which we then decorated. We were also learning about the spherical nature of the planets and their arrangement in …

St Dominic’s NS Camogie Team Play Outstanding

It was a scorching hot afternoon in Lucan Sarsfields GAA club where the St Dominic’s NS camogie team came to within a point of reaching the final in Croke Park. This was part two of a saga which started in the St Dominic’s home pitch last week in what was one of the most memorable …