This month Ms Tighe’s first class have been learning about Neil Armstrong and space.

After learning about the Apollo 11 mission and watching some footage of the landing we wrote about Armstrong in a 3D frame, which we then decorated.

We were also learning about the spherical nature of the planets and their arrangement in relation to the sun. We made our own version in art and became astronauts ourselves!

Today we had great fun taking part in a table quiz on everything we had learnt about Neil Armstrong, using the new ipads. The questions came up on the classroom IWB and we then had 30 seconds to answer on our ipads. Green table were the winners in the end, if you would like to have a go yourself go to the website:

Enter the game pin: 9583172

Here we are playing the quiz

We were excited to hear that recently the first Irish person, selected go into space was, Dr Norah Patten. Teacher was delighted that the first Irish astronaut will be from Mayo. She is taking part in Project PoSSUM mission with 11 other candidates from around the world.

For homework tonight we are designing a mission badge, which will be entered in a competition for a badge to go with Dr Patten into space.

If you are aged between 6 and 9 and would like to enter follow the link below:

Dr Patten visited N.A.S.A with her family when she was 11 years old and since then it has been her life mission to travel into space. It is amazing how the experiences we have as children can inspire a lifetime interest! Who knows what these clever 1st class girls and boys will achieve in the years to come!!😊🍀🤞