First class received a visit from UCD Paediatric Society today for a teddy bear hospital. Aisling, Ben, James, Matthew and Ross all took time off to come and show the boys and girls the kind of equipment they use in the hospital and explained why and how they are used. This was very fortunate as we had lots of sick teddy bears that needed urgent care and medical treatment. It was a very exciting and informative morning, which links in with our history topic of the famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. The girls and boys had so many questions they were disinclined to let the UCD team leave the classroom! A huge thanks to the team for coming to visit and we hope to see them again next year. Here are some clips and snaps from our day…

General check up of the teddies:

Using bandages to wrap injuries:

Using syringes with fake blood (ribena):

Checking blood pressure:

Using the MRI machine: