1st class received a special treat today with a visit from Joanne from Dublin Bus. Joanne brought the boys and girls onto a special community bus equipped with seatbelts and told the class all about her job and what it entails.

Do you know where all seven wheels are on a bus? Well, ask first class and they can tell you. They also found out, from the questions they put to Joanne, about the maximum speed, what happens if the bus gets a flat tyre, how you become a bus driver aswell as the benefits and challenges of this role.

In her job, Joanne has to keep track of a lot of things including; the number of passengers on the bus, following timetables, gauging traffic and knowledge of twenty-two bus routes! It’s safe to say the class was very impressed! The girls and boys also received a Dublin Bus pencil and sharpener which they will put to good use tomorrow writing about their trip.

1st class was also brought for a spin on the bus around Tallaght, over to the playround in Marley Park. Though a little mucky in places, the boys and girls had a great time in the playground. Check out a few pictures from our day.