Our Fifth and Sixth Classes are Marathon Kids!

Did you hear the one about the 62 children in 5th and 6th Class who each ran a marathon? It’s not a joke – it’s true!

All of our pupils from our senior block upstairs have taken part in a new programme called “Marathon Kids” this year with the support of South Dublin County Council. You might remember that they launched it with Irish athlete David Gillick and Mayor Paul Gogarty back in September.

Marathon Kids took 8 weeks to complete, with pupils running 600m each day on the yard in Week One, 800m per day in Week Two, and so on all the way up to 1800m (over a mile each day) in Week 8. Running took place in a non-competitive, friendly and encouraging environment with pupils also learning about the health benefits of exercise, healthy eating, etc.

Our Final Mile was run today in Santry, with most of it over cross country and the final lap in Morton Stadium itself. Our pupils were each awarded with medals and t-shirts for their efforts.

We are hugely proud of all our pupils on completing the 42.2km (over 26 miles). Collectively, they have run a total of 2,616.4km over 8 weeks; that’s the same distance from Dublin to Berlin – and back! We hope they will bring that improved fitness with them to other activities throughout the year. Well done to all our Marathon Kids!

We hope to have some pictures of today’s event up soon.