Month: February 2017

Green Schools

We are applying for our sixth green flag on Global Citizenship. Classes are learning about Climate Change, Fairtrade products, Waste management and Social injustice. A number of classes decorated slogans or composed new slogans (Senior Classes). The overall winner of the Global Citizenship Slogan Competition in St. Dominic’s N.S. receiving a €20 Eason’s Voucher was …

Junior & Senior Assembly – Good Behaviour

Students with excellent behaviour each month get a St. Dominic’s behaviour award sticker and a group photo for our school website. I am certain we had some proud parents on Friday! Mr. Vaughan gave a special prize for the pupils who make a special effort to wear their school uniform. Only the top three pupils …

Junior & Senior Assembly – Student of the Month

We have a very special prize each month for ‘Student of the month’ for a student who shows friendship or does a good deed. Congratulations to all these kind pupils.