Junior & Senior Assembly – Friendship Fortnight

Each class teacher covered lessons on Friendship and anti-bullying which is part of the subject ‘Social Personal Health Education’.  We updated our anti bullying policy in 2014 in consultation with pupils, parents, staff and Board of Management and this has proved successful.  Many thanks to everyone involved. The Student Council visited each class, at the start of Friendship Fortnight, informing the children on’ What bullying is’ and ‘How to deal with it’. The children are encouraged to talk to any teacher in the school about a possible bullying issue or post their name/problem in the Junior or Senior ‘Buddy Box’. The school will then help the child. The class teacher will deal with an issue initially and refer to support teacher or principal as required.

Other policies, which fall under the SPHE subject area, are Child protection, Code of behaviour/School Rules, Relationship & Sexuality Education, Mobile phone & Acceptable use policy.  These policies along with anti-bullying were drawn up in consultation with pupils, parents, Staff and Board of Management and can be viewed on our school website under the Documents section. If you have any questions or would like a copy of these policies please contact the school. Each parent, on enrolment, would sign the School Code of behaviour/School Rules and made aware of the anti-bullying policy.

The prizewinners in the class friendship competitions were announced. Well done to everyone.