Month: June 2016

Teddy Bear Picnic

Ms Considine’s class had a picnic with their teddy bears today! There was great excitement as the boys and girls ventured outside with their teddies, lunch bags and blankets! As is typical with Irish weather, it started to drizzle not long after we tucked into our sandwiches and jellies ( very kindly brought in by …

Yummy ice-cream

Today we had an ice-cream party! We had a cup full of ice-cream and added in a mixture of jellies, buttons, flakes, syrup and sprinkles! It was delicious!! We made our room like a cinema and watched a film as we enjoyed this yummy treat🍦🍦

Ms.Hogan’s class had great fun at the Astro park – we definitely have some new recruits for our soccer and football teams next year !