Month: April 2016

Engineers, Architects and Theme Parks in 1st Class😊

All of the First Class children from Mr Fagan’s and Ms Murphy’s classes joined forces together on Thursday to work as engineers and architects designing our own theme parks. Our builders were given a tricky design brief, such as accounting for a river which would run through the park and including activities that would be …

The Nature Workshop

We were very lucky to have a visitor called Grace in Ms Considine’s class on Wednesday morning. During this nature workshop Grace told us all about tadpoles. We learned about where we would find them, their life cycle and what other animals were a threat to them. The most exciting part of the workshop was …

5th Class English

5th class have been learning about persuasive writing and how the advertising industry persuades us to buy their products. We created chocolate bars and then designed print and television ads to promote our new products. The top three groups were: Ella and Marina, Hannah and Karolis and Michelle and Maria. Well done everyone!