Month: January 2016

Stormy Weather Body Percussion

  The children from Ms Hogan’s and Ms Clarke’s classes came together today to simulate a storm using body percussion.    We watched some really cool videos first and we were inspired to create our own stormy sounds, using only our body parts!    

Good Behaviour Trip

Well done to all the senior pupils from St. Dominic’s who were chosen for the trip to the Natural History Museum & Farmleigh today due to their excellent behaviour.  Thanks to Ms.Brady for accompanying us. We had a great day out. Everyone was so well behaved.    😄

Daffodils blooming in Senior Infants!

Senior infants learned all about the parts of a flower and how to care for them so that they will grow. They planted their own daffodils in pots and took such great care of them that they all brought home a beautiful yellow daffodil this week! Well done 😀