The Doctor’s Surgery 

Ms Considine’s class have just finished their final week of this months aistear theme- the doctor’s surgery.  

 Once again, the children switched to a new group each week. 

In the role play group,  the children were doctors and patients and they had great fun putting bandages and plasters on each other, on dolls, teddies and Ms Considine! Ms Considine got lots of injections too, but was very brave!  They used their stethoscopes to listen to each other’s heartbeats and checked each other’s eyes and ears also. 

The construction group was busy building a doctor’s surgery. They were very hardworking and made fantastic creations. 

There was another group that looked at real X-ray pictures and then had to recreate their own X-ray of their hand and arm. They also decorated ‘Get Well Soon’ cards. 

The last group took it in turns to play ‘Operation’. There was a lot of buzzing in the room! This group also played body part bingo. 

All the boys and girls enjoyed themselves and worked and played very well together.