Month: November 2015

The Doctor’s Surgery 

Ms Considine’s class have just finished their final week of this months aistear theme- the doctor’s surgery.    Once again, the children switched to a new group each week.  In the role play group,  the children were doctors and patients and they had great fun putting bandages and plasters on each other, on dolls, teddies …

Concern Fast: €255 Raised

Many thanks to the staff, pupils, parents and friends who sponsored the Concern Fast in Mr Looney’s 6th Class on Thursday. A total of €255 was raised for Concern’s work in the developing world and with vulnerable people, including these refugee children from Syria.    

Our Melted Snowmen! 

Ms Considine’s class made these cute melted snowmen last week! We’ve been telling people we don’t know how it happened ……😉