Month: March 2015

Literacy Team Parent Questionnaire

Our Literacy Team have designed a questionnaire for parents to get their views on our reading scheme in St Dominics. Please make your subbmission by Friday 24th April. Thanks, Ms Coady, Literacy Team View live form here: Parent questionnaire

LIteracy Team Pupil Questionnaire

Our Literacy Team have designed a questionnaire for pupils to get a better understanding of their views on reading. Submissions must be made by Friday 20th March. Thank You Ms Coady, Literacy Team Live link here: Pupil Questionnaire

Rang 6 getting ready for Biodiversity Action Day

6th class are joining with the rest of the school in preparing for our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity. We have studied two habitats – rainforests and bogs. Some pictures of our work are below. You can see some of our artwork on display in the Halla, ahead of next Wednesday’s Biodiversity Action Day. All …