6th Class Video – Embrace Every Race 


 6th class’ wonderful submission for the 2015 Show Racism the Red Card Creative Competition is now online at http://youtu.be/syy7hGJbRAk .

Our written submission is below. 

St Dominic’s NS 6th class has 27 pupils from a multicultural background. We decided to learn about racism because “we wanted to stop it” (Josh), “it wasn’t fair that people were discriminated against because of their differences” (Hafswa) and “it’s happening so often now and we’re trying to stop it once and for all” (Taylor W).


We started our SRTRC work “by watching videos about people being racist at matches” (Naomi) and “people trying to stop racism by talking about it and reporting it” (Josh). “We got wristbands to show we are against racism” (Khadija). “We coloured Jeff the Ref posters and wrote slogans and hashtags” (Aaron). We took part in an anti-racism sports blitz organised by South Dublin County Council involving 10 children. “Before the blitz, we made a poster with slogans including Jeff the Ref” (Hafswa). Our main slogan was “EMBRACE EVERY RACE” (Taylor W). This poster won second place in the competition. We have used our class twitter account (@dlooneyteacher) to “show us all working together and use the hashtag #embraceeveryrace” (Anna).


“We split up into two groups – an art group and a video group” (Daniel). The art group decided to make a graffiti wall including a stencil feature. They worked closely together and included splatter paint, hashtags, a picture of Jeff the Ref, handprints, a rainbow, paintings of people of different backgrounds, photos of our class working together, and the main slogan, “EMBRACE EVERY RACE.” Madara was Art Director, Karolina was captain, and they were joined by Leah, Khadija, Abby, Aimee, Jessica O, Jessica M, Adam, Katie, Josh, Taylor B, Hannah J and Taylor W. All of the concepts were the children’s own. They chose their own media and did all the work – the only teacher involvement was supervision.

Our video team split into smaller groups. Hafswa, Amy and Naomi came up with our introduction video which shows the multicultural backgrounds of our pupils. Aaron, Isaac and Hannah J shot a video explaining some of the work we’ve done in class to combat racism. Jamie, Anna and Hannah P shot a video with inspirational quotes about tackling racism. Finally, Daniel directed a short drama about the stupidity of racism and the importance of working together.

In all of the videos, the work was the children’s own – concepts, scripts, video backgrounds, etc. The only teacher involvement was in shooting the videos and mixing them together as per the pupils’ concepts. 


Naomi: “There are lots of different races around the world; people can be racist on the pitch playing football and in school for different reasons. We should stop racism now.”

Abby: “It’s good to be different, because it makes you your own person.”

Jamie: “We know now that there are other people in the world who are going through tougher times than us. We learned that people are being called racist names and we need to try to stop it before it gets out of hand.”

Hafswa: “Racism hurts. You are who you are, and you can’t change that. We should join together to tackle racism.”

Amy F: “The spirit of Jeff the Ref should stay in your heart forever!”