6th Class Tallaween – Part 4 – The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club – from Wikipedia – Creative Commons licence

6th Class were asked to research and write a Tallaween piece on a scary building locally – and, not surprisingly, most chose the Hellfire Club which is located close to Tallaght in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. We visited the Hellfire Club on a school tour in 4th Class. The stories below are just that – stories. We realise they are made up to scare people, but we have learned a lot about local folklore from our research.


The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club was built around 1725 by William Conolly.

The Hellfire Club is in the Dublin Mountains. The story we heard about The Hellfire Club was that it was a stormy night and a man walked up to the club and knocked on the door. He saw some people playing cards so asked could he join in, and did .One of the men playing cards dropped one of his cards on the floor under the table and he looked under the table to pick up his card and saw a strange figure. It was a horse hoof .The man sat back up and screamed!

The player knew that there was a devil in the room. So he looked up at who owned the hoof. The owner looked at the player strangely and knew that the player saw his hoof. So he vanished with a clap of thunder and lightning. Sadly for the other players they died from the lightning strike that made the club light on fire.

And that’s where it got its name from!

By Hannah J and Abby 

The Black Cat

A young visitor to a local farmhouse insisted on going to investigate the Hellfire club. He was found dead the next day lying face down in a mountain stream. His family believed that he was murdered, and he asked a priest to accompany him up to the Hellfire club.

When they both got up to the Club darkness was falling. They knocked on the door and a tall black-clocked man was there. They entered the house and they were immediately grabbed from behind and hustled in to the dining room. A banquet was about to begin, so the two men were pushed into the chairs. A majestic looking black cat stalked into the room. The wide deep eyes glared hatred at the two men.

The man was grabbed and pushed back in his chair. Realising that he had a bottle of holy water in his back pocket he threw it at the cat while at the same time he was reading a prayer. People heard terrifying screams from the club. The next morning people found the boy and the priest lying outside dead. According to the legend the club stood on the ruin on the hill top as it does today.


The Hellfire club is located on the Killakee Mountain (Montpelier Hill) and is one of the scariest attractions in Dublin.

There is a ghost roaming the building who likes to steal people’s jewellery that is worn around their necks. The sound of screaming can be heard sometimes and people believe that it was a woman murdered by a group of thugs. Last but not least the devil has made an appearance during a card game but instantly vanished when spotted by a man.  But people believe that The Devil will be making another appearance. The Hellfire club got its name from The Devil. There is Paranormal Activity in the Hellfire club.

By Aaron and Lee

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club was built in 1725. It was built by William Connolly.The Hellfire Club is a big house and it is really dark but cool. The Hellfire Club had two large rooms and a small room on the upper floor. A small loft was over the parlour and the hall the hall door was reached by a flight of steps.

On the ground level was a large kitchen. There was a large amount of small rooms. All the windows faced north to see the beautiful view of Dublin. After 18 years there was some very bad behaviour. Here is the story

One stormy night at about 7:30pm a man walked up to the Hellfire club. When he got there he had a look around. He heard lots of men were having a good time and he asked to come in and join and have some food and drink. They said “would you like to play a game of cards with us?” The man said “yes, I would love to.” So they sat down and played for a couple of hours.

One of the men dropped a card and when he went down to pick the card up he saw hooves and he thought to himself that it can’t be true. The man who saw the hooves went outside to have a smoke and the poor man went outside with him and they talked and talked until midnight. The men who were playing cards were asking each other where the other men had gone. They looked outside and they saw one of the men lying on the ground dead. The other man managed to get away. The man screamed and said “hahaha, I’m the Devil.” The Devil cursed the house. Afterwards the house went on fire.

By Jessica M and Leah

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club is situated on the Montpelier hill.

There are many ghosts in the building. One of the ghosts like to pull at jewellery worn around the neck, such as crucifixes. People who visited the Hellfire Club have reported their necklaces being pulled by invisible hands.

Famously, the Hellfire Club and nearby house, Killakee House are said to be haunted by the spirit of a young dwarf man, who was brutally murdered in the eighteenth century. The body was found buried under the kitchen of the Killkee house.

The black cat who stalks the area of the Hellfire Club is known to be an element spirit .The size of the cat is told to be the size of a Dalmatian. People who have seen it say it can speak.

By Katie with the help of Hafswa

The story of the Hellfire Club

A place you wouldn’t want to be in on Halloween night is the Hellfire Club, because legend has it….DUN DUN DUNNNN!

Long long ago a couple of rich men were playing a game of poker in the Hellfire Club when …!!

Oddly one man was winning all the money, so people thought he was cheating. Then ‘accidentally’ one of the men dropped one of his cards and when he looked down he saw…Ok that’s all! I can’t say the rest, it’s too scary!

No, I’m not mean like that!

Ok, when he looked down he saw hooves. The man that owned the hooves rose up in flames.

He turned out to be the devil. The men started screaming in horror. So the people outside ran in to see what was going on. Weirdly when everyone ran in they could only find the poker table, chairs and the cards.

Until this day people say if you run around the Hellfire Club a certain amount of times you can see the devil.

By Hafswa with the help of Katie

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club was constructed in 1275 by William Conolly. It was a hunting lodge until Conolly’s death in 1729.  The roof was blown off in a terrible storm but Conolly replaced it and it was known as the place of evil after Conolly’s death. All the windows face north. It gives a magnificent view of Dublin. The Hellfire was abandoned for a number of years after Conolly’s death. It was then named the great Hellfire club. It then became a place for drinking scalteen, which is made from whiskey and butter. It was given out at the meeting in the club.

One story says that a mysterious stranger seeks shelter during a stormy night and a card game is played. The second story is said to be a priest meets a black cat which is the devil. The last story concerns a young Bohernabreena farmer who went up to the club and watched the night activities.

By Jessica O and Anna

Tallaween – The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club is scary because many years ago a devil appeared in the Hellfire Club. Here is our story…

One day a bunch of guys walked up to the Hellfire Club to play cards for money. The club was all broken and old but the guys thought no one would come to bother them while they were playing. Then a big bang hit the door. All the men stopped playing cards and sent one down to open the door. There was a man in a black cloak. He asked the men if he could play. The men replied “certainly…only if you have money to bet.“

The man in the black cloak replied “I have no money but I’ll bet for your life.” The men laughed not understanding what he meant by that. “Come in come in,” said one of the men anxiously. So the men started to play the game. One of the men dropped his dollar. He bent down to grab it. He saw the man in the black cloak with red scaly hooves. He bent back up and asked the man in the black cloak “WHAT ARE YOU????”

The man in the black cloak put his hands on his hood and pulled it down. The men screamed in fear. The devil screamed in anger. All the men ran down the stairs and ran home to their families. The devil clicked his fingers and turned in to a rock with red crystal on it.

From this day forth it is told that if you touch the rock the devil will awake once again and take your soul and you will never be seen ever…forever!

By Madara and Taylor B

Hellfire Club Factfile

  1. The Hellfire club is 1275 feet tall.
  2. Speaker Connolly built it in 1725.
  3. It was rebuilt in the 18thcentury by Nicholas Revett.
  4. The club became associated with excessive drinking.
  5. The motto of the Hellfire club was “ Fais Ce Que Tu Voudras” which means “Do Whatever You Want”.

By Aimee & Hannah P

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club is a scary place because there are a lot of stories about it. On Hallowe’en night every year on the devil shows himself and has a game of cards. The Hellfire Club is a 383m hill. The building was built by William Connolly around 1725.

One of the stories is that one Halloween night it was stormy and rainy. A man asked could he play a game of cards and they said yes so they played on with their game. The devil made a replica of an ace. He pretended to drop a card and picked the ace up but when he did it the second time one of the men said “you’re cheating” and got mad. He banged the table and someone dropped their cards. He had bent down to get his cards and saw the devils hooves.

One other Halloween night a radio station were broadcasting up on the hill around 3:30 am. Half a goat was shoved down the chimney of the hell fire club. It is said people have been killed without wounds or weapons.

By Isaac and Ryan

6th Class Tallaween – Part Three – Scary Place Names

We asked our 6th class to come up with some scary versions of placenames in and around Tallaght. Thanks to Cian O for typing these up. We have “hashtagged” many of these for our Twitter account at www.twitter.com/dlooneyteacher – make sure to give us a follow. Can you think of any more? Be sure to check out the remainder of our Tallaween Project on this site in the days to come!

#Hellgard (Belgard)

#Fetterscaren (Fettercairn)

#DieTtallaght (I.T.Tallaght)

#TallaghtKillage (Tallaght Village)

#CauldronHotel (Maldron hotel)

#GhoulandsCross (Newlands Cross)

#MaelrooooonsChurch (Maelruains Church)

#RiverDeader (River Dodder)

#GreenKills (Greenhills)

#Ballycraaaaggghh (Ballycragh)

#Fearhouse (Firhouse)

#Ratfarnham (Rathfarnham)

#Rathghoul (Rathcoole)

#ScareskinViewRoad (Seskin View Road)

#TheScare (The Square)

#Alderblood (Alderwood)

#TheColdKill (The Old Mill)

#StDominicsChops (St.Dominic’s Shops)

#Kingsblood (Kingswood)

#Cooksdrown (Cookstown)

#TallaghtDiepass (Tallaght Bypass)

#NationalBasketballArgggghhheena (National Basketball Arena)

#DiemonPark (Tymon Park)

#HellFireClub (Hell Fire Club)

Halloween Week 2014

In what has become an annual event Friday 24th October was a dress-up day for all pupils, parents and staff. Great credit must go to all the pupils who put so much thought and hard work into making their costumes. We had our annual witches walk for Junior and Senior Classes around Mountain Park, Millbrook Lawns and Old Bawn Road. This was followed by activities in the hall which had been organised by the parents association. There were scary surprises and shocking treats for everybody! It was a wonderful day. A big thanks to the parents and staff who make these days so successful. On Thursday, Ms Gallagher ran a pumpkin carving class for parents. Have a look at the wonderful creations below.

Enjoy mid-term

Mr Vaughan.